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Oct 08, 2019

Skipping is a competition held in many parts of the world. Athletes perform individual or team-style skipping competitions. In the freestyle skipping competition, the rope skipper must demonstrate a series of skipping movements within a limited time; in many such competitions, the skipper usually needs to perform the rope skipping action with the music. In a speed jump, the athlete must successfully complete the specified action (cycling step) within a certain time. For example, the current world record is to successfully complete 108 cycling steps (ie 216 jumps) in 30 seconds, which was set by Chinese teenagers in October 2015. Belgium, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Hungary, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and the United States all received medals. At present, the world's first male fancy skipping rope is Hong Kong's He Zhuzhen. The 2006 World Jumping Rope Championship was held in Toronto, Canada in mid-July. The 10th World Jumping Rope Championships will be held in Hong Kong in mid-July and the 11th World Jumping Rope Championship will be held in Sweden in July 2016. The 4th Asian Jumping Rope Championship was held on February 9, 2007 in New Delhi, India. The performance of skipping ropes is often performed during festivals and charity events.